Exhibition talks!

Some Saturday visitors, pre-talk

We featured three exhibition talks at London’s Underworld Unearthed which were very popular!
First up, Nigel Jefferies from Museum of London Archaeology presented a talk on ‘Archaeology and Explorations in St. Giles’ which drew quite a crowd of interested people – as you can see there was hardly any room for me to capture them all.

Attendees at the archaeology and St. Giles talk…

…given by Nigel Jefferies from the museum

My talk was on drawing the underworld and the creation of the exhibition and this was a more modest affair. It was interesting for me because after I’d talked at length about it, we sat around and exchanged knowledge on the subject – there were a few people there who have studied the Rookery in more depth than myself.
For instance Dr. David R. Green, who wrote a Phd on the subject in 1986! David gave such an interesting talk on the ‘chain of landlords’ system that operated in the Rookery, to a rapt audience, who were almost out of the door… His talk was called ‘The People of the Holy Land: The lives of the poor in St. Giles’.

Dr. David R. Green from Kings College

Visitors at David’s talk. He’s probably discussing Mrs. Farrell at this point!

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