Jane Palm-Gold artworks for sale on Instagram!

Since February 2020 there’s been a new way to purchase Jane Palm-Gold artwork!  To have a look at what’s available to buy, visit Instagram @janepalmgoldart where you can view a selection of new and past works, private commissions and exhibition artworks most of which can be purchased. If you see something you like, please contact me on jane@janepalmgold.com and I will be pleased to answer enquiries and to assist you further. The art for sale encompasses original paintings, works in oil pastels, collages, prints, drawings and animation stills.  My other Instagram @janepalmgold page continues to promote my news, events, talks, TV and radio bookings. All of the below, originals, print editions and monoprints, are available to buy on my Instagram @janepalmgoldart page. Above: Commission and private collection – print editions available to purchase. Above: SOLD – monoprints available to purchase. Above: Original available to purchase. Above: Original available to purchase. Above: Original, one-off framed triptych available to purchase.

Cubitts, A France undertakers and a historical tour of St. Giles

A week ago I had the pleasure of taking the wonderful Cubitts staff on a historical tour of Seven Dials and St. Giles. Their CEO Tom Broughton and his team have completely gotten behind the history of their new building at 41 Monmouth Street, which was for many years the very old and famous A France undertakers. This company, who undertook many illustrious royal burials in their 300 year old history, is still in existence today. Cubitts at Seven Dials – Upon entering their new store I was delighted to find out that Cubitts, in keeping with and upholding the tradition of the old shop, have designed mirrors of coffin shape whilst the interior walls are lined with wood – as used for your typical ‘wooden overcoat’. The interior is a wonderfully sympathetic reflection of the history of the building in the 20th century. Tom, a keen historian, told me that he likes to locate his stores in buildings or areas of historic note: I reflected that they might have somewhat hit the jackpot by opening their latest one in, historically, the most notorious area of London. On the night, myself and 20 staff walked the streets of Seven Dials and St. Giles for over an hour, taking in the sights and stories of this ancient parish and a great time was had by all! The Great Plague, a Gin Epidemic, A Rookery – it all happened here! If you would like a private historical walking tour of Seven Dials and St. Giles and partaker of it’s tawdry history, I would be delighted to take you around – you can find out more about my historical talks here and book me via my Contact Me page!