Mrs. Farrell’s best teapots, Jared Brown and Sipsmith’s gin

Mrs. Farrell, the 18th c. property tycoon who owned 20 common lodging houses in the Rookery, for obvious reasons could not make the private view of London’s Underworld Unearthed – but sent her best teapots along to enable the assembled company to sample an original 19th c. recipe for Gin Twists, best served from battered teapots.

Jared Brown from Sipsmiths

I am indebted to Jared Brown, Sipsmith gin’s resident mixologist and drinks historian, who told me that Gin Twist was a most popular drink of c.1823 and cited the following:

“The buxom widow received his addresses with a courtesy, a glass of gin twist, and several ohs! and ahs! just thrown in by way of candy to the entertainment.” — The Torchlight and Public Advisor, 1826

Gin Twist is simple to make: 40ml gin, 25ml fresh-squeezed lemon juice (bottled juice does not work in this drink), sugar to taste, 100ml boiling water. Combine ingredients in a tea cup or Irish Coffee mug. Stir. Garnish with a lemon twist.

Note: Serve from a Samovar or battered tea pots.

(A big thank you to Graziella Mecarone who ‘borrowed’ them off of Mrs. Farrell for the occasion…)

My London’s Underworld Unearthed: The Secret Life of the Rookery private view was kindly sponsored by Sipsmith’s Gin, who certainly kept our Gin Twist’s flowing into the night!

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