Queen tour stories…. memories of Leiden and ‘The Works’ tour 1984

Contributing tour stories to the new updated ‘Queen Live’ book today: memories of Queen Prods. at Pembridge Road and assorted gigs over the years. One of the most interesting will be Leiden in 1984, where we venture upstairs at the Groenordenhalle to view the gig on our own from the balcony, peering between enormous monitors.

“…as we both had passes and as it was a standing audience amassed downstairs, we climbed the stairs past security to the balcony. Up here miles of cable stretched out spaghetti like along the length of it, running into huge stacks or cabs. I was dressed up as usual (I looked pretty wild in those days), and had on these spike heeled boots with skulls running up them: so here I was, gingerly picking my way over huge cables supplying a million watts of power to the Metropolis stage set… I thought, well if I go up in a puff of smoke now, at least I will die happy! Anyway we found our way along to spaces within the cabs and watched them do a fantastic set.”

Back then I was proudly wearing my finest Kooky Shop rock & roll gear and spike heeled boots, studded with skulls and had huge ’80’s back-combed blonde hair. I always loved to dress up! These days I wear the finest Miss Patti Bell…

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