The ROXY Plaque Unveiling! Part l

The ROXY Plaque Unveiling was a truly momentous day!

On Tuesday 25th April 2017, the Seven Dials Trust unveiled a People’s Plaque commemorating the Roxy Club on Neal Street, Covent Garden. This marked 40 years since the opening of the legendary London venue and many ROXY goers and Punk musicians gathered to help us celebrate the occasion!

The day had begun early with a few press photo opportunities for our wonderful ‘Punk Ladeez’ unveilers and this was held in the gallery. As the organiser of the event I had invited Jordan (from legendary McLaren/Westwood shop ‘SEX’ and Punk icon), Gaye Black from the Adverts, Pauline Murray from Penetration and Tessa Pollitt of The Slits to come along to help do the honours and pull the chord, alongside (of course!) ROXY co-creator Andrew Czezowski and Susan Carrington.

Myself and the Seven Dials Trust were delighted that everyone said an emphatic ‘YES!’ to coming along – a massive thank you to them all!

So next on the agenda for the day were some interviews for the BBC held at the nearby Mercer Street Hotel, followed by a London Live interview for myself about the Fear & Loathing at the ROXY exhibition. This was eventful – as we went live, a local crack addict decided to circle us, giving a suitably Punk ‘V’ sign salute to the camera and the London Live audience watching at home. Very apt for the occasion!

Unfortunately, this ended up being cut out but if you want to have a look at the interview I gave you can see it here: London Live: The ROXY Turns 40!

Here are some great photos from the ROXY Plaque Unveiling ceremony, all expertly shot by Mr Gerard McNamara, who wonderfully captured the reliving of the ‘Spirit of ’77’ on the day!

A gathering Punky crowd – which eventually filled Neal Street…


A few familiar faces here! Left:Sniffin’ Glue writer and poet Stephen Micalef, then Mick Robinson and right: Jeffrey Munday, DJ


ROXY goers and staff Anya Walker, Ali Rawlings & Ian Johns, all looking suitably excited….


Publicist Luigia Minichiello & Mr. Mick Crudge Esq. (The Fits)


The very lovely Mr. Alistair Choat (Norman’s Coach & Horses, Soho) & sister, Ms. Fiona Instance


The crowd assembling for the momentous occasion…!


Marco and Dave Barbarossa, Adam & the Ants


Gaye Black, Tony Holton & Shanne Bradley of Nipple Erectors…


Roger Burton of Contemporary Wardrobe with Andrew Czezowski, The ROXY co-creator…


Nearly ready…


The unveilers assemble!


A Mr. Mick Crudge in readiness with the PA…


The ROXY Plaque Unveiling Ceremony has begun!


David Bieda, chair of the Seven Dials Trust with a welcoming speech to the gathered company…


Handing over to Andrew Czezowski, co-creator of the ROXY to say a few words…


Andrew’s speech about the ROXY Plaque unveiling…


Excited unveilers and Stephen Micalef clutching his Ode to the ROXY….


Over to you, Mr Micalef! Stephen in full flow – his performance of Ode to the ROXY was a wonderful dedication to the club and plaque!

And here he is! Stephen giving his all with his great Ode to the ROXY!

That ‘Pulling of the Chord’ moment!


And there she is!


Posing for press photos: Me, Tessa Pollitt, Gaye Black, Pauline Murray, Susan Carrington, Andrew Czezowski and Jordan


More photo ops here! Bruno Wizard, The Rejects and lovely Susan…


A Mr. Marco and Mrs J…..

So what happened next…?!

Part ll to follow: The ROXY Plaque celebration party and Fear & Loathing at the ROXY private view!

Please form an orderly queue! The opening of the ‘Fear & Loathing at the ROXY’ exhibition and celebratory party!





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