Views of Urban Narratives Show at the Coningsby Gallery

We had a successful show back in November at the Coningsby Gallery. Thanks to everyone that came down, including a passing Jason Orange and Rupert Orton of the mighty Jim Jones Revue! I featured six new paintings of crack dealers and users infused and informed by the history of St. Giles.
The cabinets worked pretty well: I displayed preliminary drawings of police and users, alongside a lot of stolen items that ended up over the Phoenix Garden walls, here in the West End. so here is some of the work I previewed…

So left to right you have: ‘The Funeral Procession of Madame Geneva…revised’, ‘Le Crack’, ‘The Dispossessed’ and ‘The Crossroads of Time & Eternity’…

© Jane Palm-Gold/DACS 2010

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